Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sonoran Bloom

Sonoran Bloom Nopalea Cures Pain

"I have also been suffering from horrible neck and shoulder pain for the past eight months. I contribute my problem to a past injury – a car accident in 1997. For the past few months I started a treatment plan with my chiropractor. I stopped going due to scheduling problems, and began taking Nopalea™. I woke up this past Sunday and was completely pain-free. I thought I must have had a really good night’s sleep. I can honestly say that lately I have had minimal pain and I can sleep soundly. I do not wince in pain if I roll over in bed. I was taking 800 mgs of Ibuprofen – which my health care provider had suggested, because you need that amount to reduce the inflammation in your neck and shoulder. On my painful days I would take 800 mgs Ibuprofen in the morning, mid-afternoon and evenings. Taking that much Ibuprofen is not so good for the kidneys! You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to sleep without pain, to not have to take Ibuprofen all day long and to be able to work at my computer without horrible pain.

I can only attribute my success to Nopalea. I am so thankful that I was introduced to this product. I look forward to continued success and I am spreading the word as fast as I can."
Victoria S. –Scottsdale, AZ

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Free Add URL Submission

Many people struggle with free add URL submission  and some spend thousand of dollars unnecessarily  in order to obtain top search results, however there are ways of doing this for free such as using tools like Blastomatic, for more details on this  go to

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Send Out Real Cards of Appreciation

Send Out a Real card of appreciation

Many business owners both large and small often can improve their images both with employees and customer by sending out real card cards of appreciation and also mark celebrations. On my last Birthday I was pleasantly surprised to receive a real card from my local sports and social club.

Some types of people are stimulated by what they see and what can be better for them to be send a real thank you card when they purchase something from you. It does not take much time effort or money, forget going to the shops, you can now send out a real card to someone in less than a minute and not need to print or post it yourself for less than $1

Will sending out a real card make a difference to your business, you can be sure it will, it shows you care and if you send cards at other times of the year such as customers birthday you will find that customers will continue to spend money with you.

When you next want to send out a real card Click Here and I will pay for both the real card and postage!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Send Out Real Cards

Today was a good start to the week, as I looked at the back office of my business and discovered that as a result of sending out a few real cards last week to customers who had not ordered products from me recently, I had two new orders.

There are many ways of keeping in contact with customers, with email being the most common method, however with spam filters and the way that many people often change email addresses this is beginning to lose popularity.

The telephone is a good method but here again the widespread use of phone diallers has resulted in many people switching phones to voicemail, so it can be difficult to make contact, added to which phones are often cut-off, or false numbers provided on forms.

The main point in sending out real cards to customers is you know their address is real as you have delivered products to them and people do not often move house.

I actually get pleasure in picking out real cards to send from my computer and with over 12,000 choices it will be a long time before I run out of ideas.

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Click here to send out a real card to someone today

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Send Out Real Cards

Mother Day is Over

You are too late to send out a real card for Mothers day, but when you think about there are many occasion cropping up on a regular basis such as birthdays marriages etc, along with  Fathers days,  4th July and many other national day depending on where you live, it will not be long before its time to write another card.

I learnt of someone recently who was competing for a contract with a bank and following a business presentation, she sent out a real thank you card to the director thanking him for sparing the time to listen to her presentation. This small act resulted in her being awarded the contract.

When you send out a real card it can have  have a great effect on peoples lives. In this busy world sending out a real card from you computer is quick and easy, no trips to the shops required and cards cost less than $1 which is cheaper than buying in the shops. You can write and send out a real card and it will be posted on your behalf with an option to have it written in your own handwriting.

I am sure you can think of someone who perhaps works for you or with you who may deserve a thank you or perhaps requires a little motivational card to help them realise you care about them.

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Send Out Real Cards

In this era of advancing technology we may be forgetting how to communicate both with our customers and friends and family in the old fashioned way by sending letters and cards.

I recently realised that perhaps I have been over using technology and yes I have been sending out E-cards, but its not the same as the real thing. firstly they often get lost and secondly the receiver needs to print them out if they want to display them.

I think more joy is added, when a person gets a card and looks at the postmark to see where it comes from and then at the handwriting, to try and guess the sender before opening.

I have also started sending out cards to my customers, knowing that a lot of emails do not get through as users often change their Email accounts, but I always have a delivery address for my products.

Sending thank you cards to customers has resulted in an increase of reorders, and I believe it is a useful and forgotten tool which in these difficult economic times can make a difference.

Mother day is fast approaching and if anyone would like to send out a real card at my cost they should go to Send Out Cards

Have a great start to the week

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