Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing your Business

Some time ago I researched information about Dipolog City and found sites for both the region Zanorte and the City itself, however the information on the sites had not been kept up to date and one site was missing altogether, perhaps it is been revised. How can a city attract visitors and investment when information is not up to date. One glaring example was the electrical supply situation where no mention was made about the fact of a major upgrade that is at present underway. I gleaned this information from a private site that suggests it supplies news on a daily basis but was last updated in October.

I have today revisited my research and the site that was missing is now up an running, operated by the tourist board, however it is does not have an English version of news which surprises me. I think the site is still under construction as many link do not work. The Local electricity supplier site is still also incomplete but is slowly being updated, hopefully this work will be completed soon, as it could be a good source of information as to when planned maintenance is being undertaken.

When you are marketing a business online it is vital that your website is kept up to date and the same goes for public information sites otherwise your visitors will disappear.

Commercial sites must have a constant supply of fresh information, for example details of special offers, prices changes, sales or even changes in personnel and management. An easy way of supplying this information is to write a daily blog and then connect the feed the the index page of your blog, this will ensure visitors including search engine robots will keep coming back for more.

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