Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Day English Breakfast

Pirates of Borneo is pleased to announce that  you can now get an all day breakfast with real bacon from Charles's Food bar at the Pirates Rib Shack Diner  in Asia City.

More and  more people are discovering the Pirates Rib Shack Diner and bar and enjoying the open air atmosphere, everything is available  from Mr Wong’s Sarawaken Chinese soup, Tarzan#s BBQ fish, Western style Ribs and seafood, to sandwiches, ice cream, coffees and tea. Not forgetting cold BEER

Coming soon Massage outlet and free tourist orientation proving advice on where to go and what to do in Sabah.

Join us at weekends for Tri Nations Rugby, AFL,NRL, F1 and other sports events.

On selected evening there is live entertainment. Tri Nations Rugby, AFL,NRL, F1 and other sports events

Call Nick 014  350 8965

Monday, July 06, 2009

Did you send out a real card on 4th July


The 4th of July is one of the biggest days of the year for many Americans, a  public holiday in the summer , where friends can gather and party around a BBQ or pool or attend Public firework displays.

For some people away from home sending e-cards to friends and family might  have seemed a good idea, however it is amazing how often cards fail to arrive in a persons inbox due to spam filters and the like.

So why do people send e-cards, well its quick and easy to send and is often free, however  when a person receives an e-card it may bring a smile to their face, however it does not have value, the card cannot be displayed so that friends and neighbours can share in the thoughts of the sender.

There is a solution by provided by Sendout Cards, which provides the best of both worlds, the card can be made on any computer attached to the internet (over 12,000 designs) and can even use your own handwriting  and photos. The premium card will then be printed and sent out by US Postal Service for about $1 including postage.

Now if you cannot afford to spend even $1, on a card, shame on you, you see sending a real card means you care, you have taken some time and effort to brighten up some one’s day.

David Ogden- Helping People Help Themselves

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