Sunday, February 26, 2012

How Not to Advertise

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I actually came across this blogpost whilst research an article and think there are some lessons to be learnt

"The Fastest Way To Lose Weight – Guaranteed!
Long Lasting Energy That Shreds Away Extra Pounds
Formulated To Offset The Irritability That is Commonly Associated With Dieting
End Your Hunger Within 60 Minutes Of Your First Dose
Buy 2 Get 1 Free! Simply Add 3 To Your Cart and Get Discount at Checkout"

It seems there is one born every minute someone who opens their mouth before engaging their brain.

The writer is in such a hurry to sell weight a loss elixir that he has made elementary mistakes, yes he has got the word out but no links or contact information so no customers. Just as well it is a free WordPress blog otherwise he would be out of pocket on day one.

Yes the blog name loseweightfasts might not be too bad but Lose Weight is a high competition area and much more detail research needs to be undertaken. Time should have been taken to sort out the structure and content of the blog, remove the default headers "just another wordpress blog" and "hello world".

I really feel sorry for these type of people who seem to think there is easy money to be made on the Internet, there is no lack of information out there, but jumping in without planning and research will get them nowhere apart from blowing away their dreams.

Drawing up an advertising campaign is not to be taken likely and will often involve not only market research but testing, using different layouts and images,if you are looking for inspiration go to Ads of the World I am sure you will find a spark to help your thought processes

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