Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slow Life in the Philippines

The Waiting Game

Our life is once again on hold thanks to local bureaucracy, Jay passport should have arrived at the weekend so we now have to chase up the couriers and the Passport office as passport should have been available on 14th March. This now will means a slippage on our schedule to move to Cyprus

Just happened to be passing LBC and they say they tried to deliver at weekend and no one home, seems strange because my office overlooks our gate and I waited all day. Any way we now have passport which was issued on 4th Feb, great so it took over a month for it to be released as issue date provided was 14th March. what a way to run a country.

Well with the recent news it might be a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. No good financial news coming out of Cyprus as they have stolen money from everyones bank accounts, this might give other countries ideas. Never do trust any foreign bank so only transfer sufficient funds to cover living expenses,

My next task is to chase up the local branch of the NSO to get an amended marriage certificate annotated with the fact that the marriage was annulled. Once again the bureaucrats are taking their time, but we have just over a month to leave the country as my Visa will run out so time is of the essence.

Today I Have the visas applications ready to go to the Cyprus Consul in Manila but do not know what the fees are. Have tried calling but only get a fax machine, now thinking that they have stopped work due to an extended bank holiday to give banks time to work out how they are going to thousands angry customers when they open.

Finally got through and things are now moving again, visa Application will be in Manila tomorrow and hopefully on to Cyprus at the weekend, there is a chance we just might get back on track but with Easter to contend with its going to be tight.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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