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Marketing Your Business

No where else will you find "real" leading edge marketing technology like you will receive from the Veretekk search engine optimisation services. Traffic Portal marketing is one such innovation. While the rest of the industry is still trying to figure out how to effectively build legitimate massive email lists, Veretekk established email verification system allows the company to pursue loftier markets.

If you are looking for the future in online lead generation, it is through Traffic Portals. In recent years there have been numerous methods for generating business prospects online including things like FFA pages and bulk emailing. These techniques have proven quite effective for generating large numbers of leads... but times are changing. People have become desensitised to the massive amount of bulk email and SPAM that finds it is way to their mailbox each day. After all, who cares if you have 1 million email addresses, if none of the recipients will ever read anything you send to them!

So how are Traffic Portals different? Simple because at the heart of it, Traffic Portals allow you to offer something of real value to a prospect. This then allows for an increased level of communication between you and that prospect setting you further and further apart from the masses of bulk email they receive. Your ability to offer more and more of these valuable services to the prospect continues to widen the gap so that eventually you develop a very strong sphere of influence.

Veretekk has developed a large flotilla of unique, valuable, web based services on a large array of subjects and domains. Just as incredible, this large and growing portfolio of Traffic Portals, is easily managed with Veretekk's intuitive management system. Each Traffic Portal is equipped with it is own set of automated advertising and marketing tools too. It is all push button easy and it just gets better. Each Traffic Portal has been designed to have it is own custom type of viral marketing flare.

But, it is the viral nature and potential of Traffic Portals that will allow you to truly explode your business. Veretekk's Traffic Portals are designed so that they are not only valuable to your prospect in a direct way... they compel the prospect to use the service in such a way that they are effectively promoting your Traffic Portals for you!Veretekk coined this online marketing phenomenon as Viral Marketing years ago. Imagine 1,000s of people attracted to you through these Traffic Portals... not only for the direct value potential it offers them... but also for the value they perceive in actually promoting your services to other people. This allows you to turn 1,000s of prospects into promoters for you!

The quality of the leads these Traffic Portals produce is also unique. Despite having 10s of thousands of Veretekk subscribers, each Veretekk Traffic Portal system produces a steady flow of leads for each subscriber. What does this mean? It means each lead is uniquely targeted to one individual subscriber. Veretekk's privacy policy assures that every lead entered into the system is only paired with one subscriber. A one time relationship with little, if any, abuse associated within the Veretekk system.

No other solution comes close to the value, service and price Veretekk delivers. If you are serious about building a successful online business, your first priority is an Veretekk subscription. Unfair Advantage? There is nothing unfair about taking your time and doing it right. You have to experience it yourself! Simply fill out the application for here. It is only $54.95 per month. Now think about this for just a moment. What do you get for that $54.95?

Our Exclusive VPanel Hosting. This is not your average canned hosting account. This is professional grade hosting that almost no one offers but Veretekk! Unlimited Autoresponders. Oh yeah, unlimited means unlimited, and all tied together with your own pop3 email account! Now, if you have been with Aweber, Constant Contact, Prospect Response, TrafficWave and other autoresponders, you know for a fact that you send out from YOUR email account. NOT with Veretekk as you have your own stealth mail account like this: Go ahead spam bots, and pickup that email!

5 Person Web Conference Room. Now if you know anything about web conferencing, you know for a fact that it is the way to communicate with others around the world, for almost nothing. Well, for the $54.95 upgrade to Gold, you get your own fully configurable conference room. Login to my conference room, and check it out!

I could go on forever about features, but the fact of the matter is that the features listed above are only a portion of the raw search engine optimization power that you have with Veretekk.

So, what is the holdup? Signup for Veretekk today, and I will call you to get you setup the right way!

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