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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business

Backlinking is a very important part of marketing your business. The most valuable backlinks are from sites which have a low Alexa ranking or a high page rank, but getting links from this kind of site can be difficult. One of the rules for backlinking is to ensure the anchor text contains the keyword or keyword phrase which can also be found on the site you are marketing.

The page or site you are backlinking from must also be relevant to the subject of your link. It is also preferable to have only an inward link to your site rather than reciprocal links. the more links that come into your site the more authoritive you business becomes, so how do you set about building backlinks.

To jump start marketing your business I suggest following a proven strategy of building 500 single webpages and 1000 classified ads, now this may sound like a lot of work. You may ask yourself what will you write about, the answer is about your business. If you cannot write about your business and what you are selling, how are you expecting people to purchase your goods or services.

I use a free webpages site, which carried no advertising, where you just need to fill in a template, you do not even need to have knowledge of HTML or website design, just type in content about 300-500 words. The site itself has an Alexa Ranking around 204 thousand and is frequented by search engine robots.

I place classified ads on 1 family Classifieds one of the oldest classified sites on the Internet with an Alexa ranking of 110 thousand. Here is an important note your advertisement needs to be written as a short keyword specific article for search engines rather than human readers, so no fancy colours, pictures etc.

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