Monday, July 25, 2011

Marketing your business

Top SEO Results Tips
Marketing your Business

Many people seems to have difficulty building backlinks but if you are a gold subscriber you can make use of some of the many Veretekk tools and portals to create thousands on backlinks.

You need to start building backlinks to your business by configuring your portals in the back office. Each SEO portal has five links, however it is recommended to only use two of them to link to your business, the other three links if you have a platinum control panel will be used to link to other Veretekk portals and blog drones which are built in to Veretekk and ensure you information automatically appears on a blogs on aged domains. You also have the ability to create additional Blogger drones on your own domains and sub domains.

The next method to market your business is to use two of your portals First Family Classifieds which allows you to place an advert on one of the oldest classified systems on the Internet. Then you need to use Free Page to create an instant web page which is formed from data you enter into a simple template.

The final method of marketing your business is to build both Wordpress blogs on your own domains and sub domains and on If you are the owner of a Veretekk Platinum control panel, you can use Blogger Bully to post to selections of your blogs used to market your business with the click of a button, creating an unlimited number of back links on a daily basis.

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