Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Business Leads

Following on from yesterdays article on business leads I received an email from someone in the USA, who had recently joined an MLM business.

Now there is nothing basically wrong with an MLM business, however teaching people to try and involve friends and family is likely to turn more people off instead of jump starting a business. The company concerned seems to concentrate on face to face gatherings very much like Amway (I used to be a member many years ago until I moved to Cyprus) which is fine if you know a lot of people. Modern day living however often means you do not even know your neighbours, so how do you set about building the List than MLM representatives suggest.

You need to carry out some research on the products you are selling. lets say for instance its a weight loss product, which is a huge market but also very competitive. Maybe your product has some unique ingredient, which you can exploit in your marketing campaign. You need to learn about the product and your competitors.

Armed with this information, the next step is to formulate a list of keywords and build a simple lead capture page together with a series of emails explaining all about your product.

The final step is to advertise you new site, this is perhaps the hardest part, as you need to get into the habit of writing short articles of interest on the subject of weight loss in this case on a daily basis.

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