Saturday, December 10, 2011

Marketing Your Business


When you consider the Internet, and how Google assimilates information and supposedly places the best information on a particular subject at the top position, you must consider that perception of the reader plays an integral part in the process.

Its apparent that most are relatively clueless on the process known as search engine optimisation. In their minds, or what they perceive to be reality, is in fact not the case at all. This process called obtaining a top position for a website is all about actively submitting live content. The problem with this is simply the fact this its just too simple.

Our perception of what we should do to reach the pinnacle on the net is that we have to go many places, submit content repeatedly and just hope and pray that someone, somewhere will find our products and signup and purchase them.

The reality is this. If you are trying to gain search engine positions to make sales, you are most likely going to be very frustrated with your results. SEO is not about gaining top spots and having people sign up for your program. Its about developing a relationship with a potential client, or lead if you will, that will bring the final outcome of a sale being made.

Veretekk generates leads with capture pages that offer solutions in marketing. People, yes REAL people signup for these every day within our systems. Those people are looking for a way, just like you are, to crack the code in building some type of income. You have offered them those solutions; however, unless you follow up with them, and develop that relationship with a quick call, that lead will simply gather moss, just like most leads in Veretekk will do.

Using Veretekk is about building trust, talking with people, developing that person into a client or a purchaser of your products.

I have been told that making phone calls is not the way to build a business; however, I have found that calling a lead in Veretekk is usually a positive experience. I have also been asked "so what do you say to a lead?" I always come back with the same answer. "How about just saying hello."

Listening to that person will be the step that is needed by you to develop a follower for life. If you do it right, they will respond to you favourably, and possibly become a customer that will follow you on whatever path you choose to take them.

So you see, it really is all about perception, and you being willing to take the first positive step towards building a business with a client that is based on trust. Do this one thing, and building a business is really as simple as getting to the top of the search engines.

SEO is Simple?

It is as simple, or as complicated as you choose to make it. We hand you the keys with Veretekk, but you must choose to start the engine and drive this powerful vehicle to the top!

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