Monday, August 08, 2011

Marketing your business

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Marketing your Business

I have been hanging around a popular online forum and everyday people are asking the same old questions, how to build backlinks to websites.

Backlinks are a measure of a sites importance, the more links coming into your website from other websites the better, provided that the incoming links are correctly tagged with your keywords.

So how do we get backlinks you may ask. there are a number of ways such as buying links, link swaps etc but in my opinion the best way is to build them yourself. I build a minimum of three links every day using classified ads and webpages, in addition to links from blogs.

The first system I use is 1-Family Classifieds, which is one of the oldest classified sites on the Internet, it has an Alexa ranking of 80,000 or 30,000 in the US so information posted hear is picked up by search engine spiders.

I also use Free Page to build a one page website, no special skills are required, it just a matter of filling in a template and the web site has an Alexa ranking of 50,000 in the USA so once again it is popular.

Normally the content that I place in these sites is information about the products and services I sell, note I said information, because that is what people are looking for. Do not try to hard sell with figures, graphs and the like. Provide information that adds value to your product, remembering of course to link back to your business with your specified keyword phrase.

Remember that your same keyword phrase needs to be prominent on the page that you link back to. I does not get much simpler than this and over.

To get fast rack results I recommend building 500 single webpages and 1,000 classified ads for any new website as fast as possible.

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