Sunday, August 12, 2012

Life In the Philippines

Life in the Philippines

The Olympics is winding down to a closure, and what a scene it has been, Great Britain punching above their weight to maintain a third place in the Medals tables, with fabulous Television program and recording of every sport. You cannot me moved by the stories of these athletes who have been pursuing their dreams for the past four years or more, putting their lives on hold in the quest for gold.

Now is the time for reflection, some will retire, others will plan to return to higher things in Rio and a new breed will be encouraged to take part. that is the Legacy of the Olympics.

I too have been reflecting on my own life and see now is the time to move ahead with my life in the Philippines. I want to improve the lifestyle of the people close to me. It is the time to take on new challenges and set up plans for the next few years ahead. My net worth has suffered this year with worldwide depression eating away at my assets, so the time is right for action.

I have joined with a new group of entrepreneurs, who have dreams similar to my own, because the power of team is greater than that of the the individual members. We are being being led by a Billionaire who holds a number of Guinness Book of records, with the aim to create 100 millionaires from ordinary people like ourselves.

I invite you to follow me over the weeks and months as I take on my own challenge and one of my goals is to to attend the Next Olympic games in Rio at sit on Copacabana beach to watch a new breed of British sailors win gold.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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