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Yesterday I had a call from a Gentleman in South Korea who was seeking information on Internet usage in the Philippines as his company is evaluating setting up an online Lottery. Now although I live in the country I have not yet started to target the local market as my gut feeling is they have a big learning curve.

I told him that lot of Filipinos used Sulit a kind of local Craigs list and most use Facebook and that was about the limit of my knowledge.

Today I have just completed a little searching which confirmed most of my feelings and am passing on the following information to him.

The Philippines population is relatively young and some 20% use Facebook. Between March 2010 and now the number of users has more than doubled to 27.5 Million with the country being in top 8 worldwide having overtaken both France and Germany. It is noted that some 40% are within the 18-24 years old age group.

Filipinos are the 9th biggest users worldwide of Twitter with 16.1% of the online population tweeting.

I have also dug up an old study from 2008 by McCann Universal where Filipinos ranked:

  • First in social networking
  • First in sharing photos
  • First in viewing videos
  • Second to South Korea in reading blogs
  • Second to Brazil in sharing videos
  • Fourth in writing blogs
  • Fourth in downloading podcasts
  • Sixth in using RSS/feeds

One result which did come as a surprise was from the 2008 report concerning blog writing and I need to look into this matter further, perhaps there is an opening for recruiting content writers

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