Monday, May 11, 2009

Send Out Real Cards

Today was a good start to the week, as I looked at the back office of my business and discovered that as a result of sending out a few real cards last week to customers who had not ordered products from me recently, I had two new orders.

There are many ways of keeping in contact with customers, with email being the most common method, however with spam filters and the way that many people often change email addresses this is beginning to lose popularity.

The telephone is a good method but here again the widespread use of phone diallers has resulted in many people switching phones to voicemail, so it can be difficult to make contact, added to which phones are often cut-off, or false numbers provided on forms.

The main point in sending out real cards to customers is you know their address is real as you have delivered products to them and people do not often move house.

I actually get pleasure in picking out real cards to send from my computer and with over 12,000 choices it will be a long time before I run out of ideas.

David Ogden – Helping People Help themselves

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