Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do You Have Whatever It Takes

You cant live on Enough

When you ask people how much money they want to earn quite often they will reply with just enough to live on. The problem at the moment is living costs are increasing and wages are not keeping pace so your standard of living is falling.

Occasionally you meet someone who has a dream, I spoke with one yesterday and this is what he said :-

"See the thing is, I want to unite this world and stop wars. From there we can find ways to convert salt water into fresh water, cure cancer, solve the food crisis.. Everything can be solved if we work together. But I honestly need money.. Lots of it.. That's why I was drawn to Ed mercer and his goal. It would please me greatly for helping Ed be happy with his 5th record, but I am still a little confused and need just some help to get my foot in the door.

You know.. Someone to have faith in me in these horrible times.. If I coulda taken out a loan I would have for college (that's why I'm not going college this year cuz financial problems) but I still hold fast to my dream because someday I will accomplish it. But I have no one who will see what I can do. People just look at my past and see that I'm not worth their time.. Just like the scholarship committees..

I'm not looking for a hand out.. I just need a little help.. I will pay them monthly. Well a small pay.. But cuz I work at an elementary skool and they don't pay much"

Now here is a person who has a dream and belief that he is in this world to make a difference. Yet he is only earning some $300 a month, now I had seen a program on something called "group funding" so I gave him a link and he went to it and checked it out

Later he came back to me and said

"Wow thank you. This might actually work. I may need some help with people liking it. Cuz it says that I need to post/tweet and raise money for it to tilt."

You know what it made me feel great as well to help someone who has enough to live on start on the path to reach his dream of becoming a millionaire and helping others.


David Ogden