Sunday, December 09, 2012

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Is there value in Free

For a long time I have been preaching people to take care when signing up for something that is free, because there is little value in something that is free, usually marketers will entice customers with free offers, just like supermarkets, buy one get one free, sounds much better than 50% reduction.

I used to have a number of sites where I used to offer free leads, ebooks, software and even holidays for free and maybe I have suffered from being hoist my my own petard as these methods have proved to be largely ineffective.

Don't get me wrong in this worldwide economic downturn the word Free does attract a lot more people but the more discerning are aware of the catch. If you fill in contact details in a box online you can expect that someone will contact you to try and sell you something. so you must think carefully is what is being offered for free worth something to you.

One site I do like on the Internet is IBOToolbox, I have used it for a number of months and it has a few tools such as URL shorteners and a blogging system which can help improve your search engine results. It also allows you to advertise with banners and text boxes on its site for free, provide you remain active in a social way and this has helped my business.

Yes a few people have tried to sell me on their business, but I have my hands full with what I am doing, so I tend to ignore them, I look to help people to help themselves.

I am even now working on a project which I believe will change the online marketing arena forever, so watch this space.

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