Thursday, November 01, 2012

Life In the Philippines

post office deliveries

The local post office in Dipolog city has been the bane of my life since I moved here at the beginning of the year. i do not know how many letters have gone missing but know I have lost quite a few important one. It all came to a head ten days ago, when I eventually had gathered proof that my mail was been interfered with. On the day in question my wife collected a number of letters stamped as been received up to a month before, but which had not been de lived.

One letter I opened was a time sensitive letter from my bank wherein they informed me that if I did not reply in ten days they would remove an amount of money relating to an ongoing fraud case from my account. I returned to the Post Office and read the riot act, advising them they were failing in their duty to deliver the mail. They offered many excuses, not enough workers, the weather,sickness. I would have none of it. I went as far as suggesting that they write to the Postmaster general and request the Post Office be shut down. I left a formal complaint with them.

Now miraculously the post is working as it is designed I am getting a regular supply of mail again. so it seems they can do their jobs.

I question sometimes why it is difficult to get people to do what they are paid to do, I do not know how many times have walked into shops and watched staff chatting to each other rather than assisting customers or even worse texting or using mobile devices.

Perhaps I am old fashioned but I used to like to think that I was paid what I felt I was worth, If I was not being paid enough I could leave. Sometimes it was a matter of more than money, I would do jobs I enjoyed or once where I could learn and take on new skills. I have done a huge assortment of jobs in my life so far working for people, with people and for myself. I do not think I have ever been fired, I have always been the one move on. I have been lucky.

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David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge