Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life in the Philippines

Christmas is coming

Christmas is just over a week away and shopping is becoming a chore, with tricycles and cars clogging up the streets, the best way about town is by mountain bike, but I have noticed lately that air pollution is getting worse, there is a definite haze in the traffic areas. Last week I delivered my Christmas promotions to the local businesses and will see if they bear fruits in the future. Ben our dog is due for his annual anti rabies shot, but the vet informed me yesterday he is out of supplies, it seems that many more people are getting their dogs vaccinated these day, hopefully he will have new stocks next week. The vet confirmed my fears that when we move to Cyprus will be too costly to take the dogs with us as they do not have microchiping or suitable blood testing to meet European standards.

The first batch of carol singers made their rounds, but we are lucky that living in a gated community most are turned away at the gate. I am still not sure of what are plans are for Christmas , Jay and his grandmother are going to Manila next week but am not sure if they will return by Christmas Day, planning and organisation goes out of the window when living in the Philippines.

Business is quietening down for the holidays the only news in this area is the announcements of a change in direction for my veretekk business as it drops its affiliate program, which mean a drop in income from January, but a promise of more to come at ht end of the year.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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