Monday, December 12, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Calling Leads

Within Veretekk, we all have the unique opportunity to generate Premium leads for our business. Consider for a moment that the lead that has opted in to one of your lead capture pages, is a person looking for a way to promote their business. They have searched, and found your page, and have placed their information on that page. They have just communicated with you, on some level, of their interest in learning how to market a business online.

Now that lead, prospect or interested party is much more than you might currently believe. They are someone who, over time, can be developed into a relationship. They can be sent auto responder letters. IF you do a great job at writing your autoresponders, they may just become a paying customer of yours. Likewise, if you are simply a used car salesman, and try to pitch them on your latest and greatest pre-launch business venture that will make them rich in a week, they will most likely opt out, and be gone forever.

Getting on the phone with that lead is imperative. They should be called, not in a selling mode, but rather in a friendly and enthusiastic approach about what THEY want to do. After all, it is all about THEM, and NOT YOU!

Over the course of years in this industry, I know that talking to people on the phone is the ONLY way that you will ever be able to communicate with a person interested in making money online. I know for a fact, that if you enter into this relationship with an earnest desire to assist them in their journey, you will indeed, have a customer for life.

In network marketing and MLM, it is all about customers. Unless you have paying customers in your downline, then you will not make money. Its all about communicating with people in a way that builds trust that will make you money.

I have had many ask me, "but what would I say to a lead?" I always say the same thing, "Hello! I noticed that you signed up for my Blastomatic system. So, what are you trying to promote?" Its really as simple as that!

That lead that you produce from a Veretekk portal is only valuable if you decide to become proactive in your business, and pick up the phone and contact them! Having a million leads is worthless, unless YOU make that lead into a paying customer at some point in time.

The Three Roadblocks to Success

Condemning, Criticizing and Complaining are among the three worst things that you can do when trying to develop into a positive and productive human being. Condemning, Criticizing and Complaining about anything at all in the world is nothing but a waste of valuable time and energy. You should be developing habits in thought and speech that are uplifting and positive. Once this type of habit is made, you will find that the world opens at your feet to all types of possibilities.

I choose not to spend my valuable time with people who are always looking for the slightest things to complain about. I am about creating my own world into a positive and creative one, and choose not to idly spend time with those who are energy wasters. Everything may not be working in your life today, but there is more than likely a reason for this happening to you. YOU are the only one that can choose to move forward no matter what, or stay stagnant in your current thinking.

One last thing today, I invite you to attend the Warriors training course which takes place on Saturdays and also contains recorded training on using veretekk to market your business. Bookmark that page, and be sure to make your plans to attend! You will always find value by simply logging in each Saturday afternoon.

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