Sunday, June 07, 2009

Do you Want To Make Money Online?

It may come as a surprise to you that to be successful online you need to treat your business as a business. There is no way to get rich quick despite the thousands of people who advertise that you can be earning $ thousands within a few weeks.

Working online is no different to working offline, you get paid for the work you put in and it will take 3- 5 years before you will be earning substantial money. The most important step is choosing a good business, what you are looking for is an established opportunity that has been around for about ten years, so that mean forget about all the pre launch specials which offer you the world and end up giving you nothing, they are no more than a lottery.

You will need to put time and effort into your business and like any business you will need to have money to get going, yes there are free opportunities, but you get nothing for free in this world, that is a fact of life.

What ever business you choose you will need to learn everything you can about it and how it works, and if you are joining an affiliate business make sure that you join under someone who is willing and able to help you, not someone who is just after your money.

I know you would all like to get a six figure income from working online, and yes you can, it will take between 5-10 years of work. If you have a normal job would you expect to be earning a six figure income in less than that time working full time? The answer of course is no, so don't get caught up in scams that promise you the earth and leave you empty handed.

A common mistake is to jump from one business opportunity to another and this can be disastrous because you will once again have to start at the bottom, it is far worse than a traditional job were generally your salary and conditions will increase when you change jobs. I was lucky to work for the same company for over 25 years and as a result retired with no debt and enough money to live on and am now building a second income.

The other thing you need to do with a home business is to continue to reinvest in yourself, learn more about the business, you can also build additional streams of income but make sure they are compatible and fit together in you life plan.

I have worked online for over ten years trying many ways of earning money and it is only in the last three years that I have started to earn an online income because I have discovered what I am good at. Along the way I have learnt many things, one of which is that for the first couple of years monthly income will be small and there is a temptation to question if you will ever make real money, but I now know that if you persevere you will.

One Interesting point I learnt this week is that 1 in 30 people you introduce into a business will understand the business and build a successful business of their own. So forget the idea of only finding 3-4 people, you need to raise your sights much higher.

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