Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your Business
Creative Writing

I do not know what it is about Internet marketing but the same questions are repeated time and time again in various forums about items such as back linking and no matter what answers are given, the question is raised again and again.

I have come to the conclusion that very few people are interested in the answers, perhaps they post to the forums to get backlinks.

When someone asks me for help in marketing their business I usually start with a test project. I discuss with them how they are marketing, what kind of keywords they are targeting and then show them two tools which I use every day a classified site and a simple web page builder. I then ask them to create 1,000 classified ads and 500 single webpages to promote their business

The creative writing project needs to be completed for the following reasons.

  • To learn how to build backlinks
  • To learn creative writing for the Internet techniques
  • To prove to me they can follow instructions and are prepared to put in the time and effort to market their business
  • to get into the habit of being able to write blog posts on a regular basis.

Some people are gifted and able to write thousands of words on a subject, but most can't. I for one like normally like to write as few words as possible, but this approach does not work when you are writing for the Internet. Few people will read your beautiful crafted classified ad, so do not try selling or use pictures, what you need to do is provide information in answer to what people are searching for. Now search engine spiders are avid readers and will follow all your links seeking more information, the better the quality of the content, the more often they will return and the higher your site will rank.

One method I use is to precis an article or document, rewriting it in my own words, some people use spinning software to rewrite information but I prefer to avoid this as you tend not to read the article so you are not learning yourself. As time passes you will often discover that a news or article headline will be just the thing that will spark your creative writing for your next blog.

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