Wednesday, August 03, 2011

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Auto responders

When you are starting out marketing your business and building a list of potential customers and subscribers you need an auto responders to keep in touch with them.

You will need to build a set or sets of letters about your services and products and I strongly suggest that the contents of these letter contain information rather than a sales pitch. These letters can be personalised and then sent out over a period of days or weeks.

Your Autoresponder will become your friend as every letter that goes out includes an unsubscribe or script suppression button, to be used by people who no longer want to receive your messages. this helps protest you from Spam complaints.

Your auto responder will also enable you to place subscription boxes on your website to automatically collect leads who wish to read your news letters.

The Veremailis one of the few auto responders which uses its own Pop Account rather than your own email address so this protects from spam complaint which can lead to shutting down of your personal email account. Another advantage is the ability to send emails to all email subscribers or selected subscribers at a click of the button.

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of building letters to support your business.

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