Sunday, October 02, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business
Are You Always Truthful

I know that when I first started marking I used to use pre written sales letters for products I was selling, you know the one I mean how I lost 22 lbs in four weeks etc. Now I have never had a weight problem, my weight has been constant for 40 years, so it is right to market in this way.

Generally speaking I avoid making these statements because I no longer try to sell my products but just present information relating to the products, so in the case of the example above I would write an article about the benefits of losing weight.

I recent made started a thread in the warriors forum to find out if other members were truthful or not. and was quite surprised by the number of people who are still responding. Some like me agree when they started they knew no better, when they brought into a way of marketing which was a lie. Others have stood firm from the beginning.

One thing is very sure if you try marking your business based on a lie, you will be found out and live to regret it. Everything you do on the Internet is recorded and will be available long after you are dead and buried. the is no hiding place. So think twice before joining an opportunity which expects you to lie.

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