Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Marketing your Business

Marketing Your Business

Many people become confused when they use SEO techniques to market their business and it is usually because most so called SEO expert start talking about PPC (pay per click),keyword density, page ranking, duplicate content or Google algorithms and the like.

You do not need to worry about any of this, use Google webmaster guidelines as a starting point and ensure that your main website is correctly titled with Metatags for both keywords and description. The title will display in your browser and the description will show up in the search results so both should contain your main keyword phrase if possible,

You have probably heard about back links being necessary to to improve the position of where your website appears in results, so how do you go about getting back links. In my opinion the best backlinks are the ones you create yourself because you can ensure they are correctly tagged , not only that but you can provide potential customers with more information at the at the same time. you can do this by creating blogs and posting to them on a daily basis and also by placing free classified ads on known to be frequented by search engine spider, looking for new content.

Your backlinks will grow slowly in time, because you are working on a long term strategy. you can also use the feeds from one of your blogs to provide updated content to your website. The fact you may be syndicating similar content in multiple blogs will not be regarded as duplicate content.

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