Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre-launch business offers

Pre launches

I now have two prelaunch projects both of which are earning me money, my prelaunchx Forex trading added another 10% to my account last week, so I have a $1300 gain on a zero investment. in fact the account has increased 13times from the start credit of $100.

Not sure when it will launch but there is still time to build followers and build residue override commissions.

the second pre launch is Cool Trader Pro the worlds only fully automated stock trading system which may become essential software for any stock broker or financial advisor who looks and advises other people about the stock market. With this piece of software you can spend the day on the beach while the robot opens and closes the deals you have set up to follow. No need to sit like a bug eyed monster watching multiple screen check it out at

David Ogden

Ed Mercer- 100 millionaires
Prelaunch X