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Marketing Your Business - the value of Veretekk

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Veretekk Platinum control Panel

The platinum control panel is one of the most powerful SEO Tools on the market today and is an add on for Veretekk Gold subscribers. I use the system on a daily basis to market my various business interests and today I will set out my daily routine.

I start the day by going to my EditPlus html editor and writing an new article using simple coding and past it into a post on a blog such as Veretekk Internet Marketing Business Asia. I then copy the post url and submit the link to Google.

Next I log into my Veretekk system and open the Platinum control panel, selecting the the blogging feature. I then choose RSS feeds and select which Blogfather blog I wish to update and copy the post url. I go back to my EditPlus and add a line at top of post with the same backlink to the source of the original article. Finally I copy the modified article into the RSS feed and submit it. This simple action will then submit the entry into some 150,000 blogs each linking back to my original post.

But I don't stop there I next click on the Blogger bully Tool, which allows me to remotely update up to 100 wordpress and blogger blogs.

My penultimate step is to go to first family classifieds and submit the article as an advert for the Search engine spiders to find.

Finally I go to free page and build a simple web page around the same article content.

The longest part of the procedure is in fact writing the original document once that is done its a matter of simple Copy, pasting and filling in boxes taking about 15 minutes a day.

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