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Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business
Do You Know the Power of Veretekk?

Its obvious to me that few know the power of Veretekk, and the different aspects that we all have access to, in a Gold Veretekk system. Most think they have to go outside the system. The believe that the way to gain search engine positions and create backlinks is to produced a massive amount of WordPress type blogs. Most tend to spend more time in building those blogs than they actually do in using the tools and systems within Veretekk to promote their businesses.

Case in point here. I am going to offer a few suggestions to really ramp up your success on the Internet. Consistent use of these existing tools can mean an increase in revenue, and in potential customers finding your sites.

First-Family Classifieds

In case you did not know this, 1-Family is the oldest classified ad site listed on the Internet. Posting ads to this domain aged site, will simply mean producing backlinks to the site that you are pointing to with your ad system. I personally prefer to use my own 1-Family, and there is a reason for this. I want that system to be powerful on the Internet. I want others to find my links on the sidebar, and signup for my other services. Others may tell you that its important to spread your info around, but I disagree. Develop YOUR own system first and foremost for maximum effectiveness.

Free Page

I am not sure that you know this or not, but is absolutely one of the best places to build sites. You do not have to go anywhere to build an effective website. Just go to your own site, and start. Use simple html code and a few hyperlinks. Title them correctly, and send them along their way on Google. You have just submitted your site to a very substantial aged domain service, and Google will pick up on your content very quickly.

Here is the Process

Create 1000 First Family Ads pointing to your marketing site. Create 500 Free Pages. After you have done this, go and create more. I could run, and have done so, a highly effective SEO campaign just using these two systems.

So, Do You Know the Power of Veretekk?

Good Morning from David Ogden - Veretekk Trainer

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