Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Seminar on Business Marketing

Thomas Prendergast
Veretekk CEO

This Wednesday at Noon (May 16, 2012) at 12pm noon PST I will be hosting a special open house for the newly subscribed and seasoned members of Veretekk.

This event will cover the V2 Integration capabilities that have recently become even more powerful than ever. (And you can plagiarize this you have my permission) Integration

You are hearing a lot about integration within Veretekk especially with the launch of V2. But most people do not fully grasp the term and how it plays in V2. Let me try to illustrate this powerful aspect of V2. in·te·grate
[in-ti-greyt] Show IPA verb, in·te·grat·ed, in·te·grat·ing. verb (used with object)

  1. to bring together or incorporate (parts) into a whole.
  2. to make up, combine, or complete to produce a whole or a larger unit, as parts do.
  3. to unite or combine.
A note about my background and experience: I started into Marketing at a very young age. In a thumbnail, I was born to be an artist. My parents were horrified about this claiming that artist starve to death. This freaked me out. So I bought many books on marketing art and marketing in general. One of those books, "Confessions of an Advertising Man", by David Ogilvy I purchased in 1980. That book changed my life. In 1984 Soon after I acquired my first computer and the quest to merge was on.

I coined the term back in the 90s as Data Base Marketing, but today, with the advent of a progressing Internet, and related technologies, what was a tactical or strategic action in the 80s today is represented by a digital counterpart.

Today's Internet Marketer is by far a lot less qualified to be in marketing than his counterpart 20 years ago. Today one can just claim to be an SEO master or an Internet Marketer simply because the information to discover the basics and intricacies to do so are at everyone's fingertips. This does not diminish the effectiveness of today's marketer over the marketing agency of 20 years ago, it just establishes that things have changed on a massive scale.

20 years ago it took a Marketing Department to accomplish what most Internet marketers set upon themselves to do today on their own. (This is why so many fail and/or have a chronic case of ADD; Attention Deficit Disorder). NOTE: "I suffer from this myself"

The marketing tools of the Internet, the ability to measure results, the ability to research on the Internet is a dream come true to a seasoned and long time experienced ad man as myself. But it also brings with it a serious risk potential and that is the undertaking of keeping track of and updating each of the aspects that compromise Internet Marketing today.

Back before the Internet an ad agency had many people for each respective responsibility, one department for sending direct mail, another for tradeshows and conferences and yet another for display advertising and printed material, press releases, radio ads, conventions, etc.....

This is why the majority of Internet marketers are tactical (focused mostly on one aspect like SEO) instead of being strategic, having a full focus of research, analysis, multifaceted campaigns using all the tools required for full scale Internet marketing, keeping it organized and processing the constant information caused by such a campaign.

Tools ie:

  • Hosting for domains and websites
  • Auto responders email for follow-up communications
  • Web Conference Rooms for live meetings, educational seminars, training connecting.
  • SEO systems, back links, authority sites, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Display advertising
  • A social networking system and management
  • Lead generating systems or resources for a steady inventory of leads.
  • Contact data management system, calendars, reminders component.

The need to integrate all these aspects is paramount otherwise the marketing campaign is limited to a tactical approach, with poor management and even worse results. IE: hit and miss attempts, scattered approaches caused by lack of a solid strategy, impulsively running from one idea to another, the results are mediocre at best and worse, forgetting what was done in the past as this method also lacks tracking the posts, ads, and tactics, etc. used.

I have seen competent SEO marketers run from one domain to another, buying more domains and creating sites just for posting more content on pointing to other sites pointing to other sites creating a mass of gibberish that at best might increase an Alexa ranking to some degree but never really amounting to anything but time wasted.

This same phenomena can be seen with many people on the Internet running from one business idea or opportunity to the other. With no clear-cut objective, this is why most Internet marketers fail.

When you integrate the entire process, from research analysis (keeping track of that), keyword analysis, targeted content, pre written letters ready for your sequential mail auto responders, team building with a symbiotic group, videos and audio animations and screen captured demos, capture pages (tested with your group in our Bull Pen: focus groups increase the overall effectiveness of design and strategy), blogging and other partners in your group blogging on your behalf, back linking strategies and keeping track of the thousands of authority site memberships for additional effect, ratings with Google Page ranks and Alexa ranks and tracking that, traffic tracking, running display ads and managing that, running Google adsense ads, Facebook Ads etc and tracking, radio ads and cableTV ads. Whew!

All of this seems very overwhelming to accomplish 'on your own'. However the very core of Veretekk and it's services and benefits allows you to run full throttle professional campaigns like this without resorting to hiring an agency to do it, or having a dozen or so unrelated services in an attempt to run something akin to this on your own

This level of marketing is what you will see from top income earners and the very successful among the halls of the top ranked members of Internet Marketing. This is the "why" for why we built Veretekk.

It is called integration. The entire Veretekk system is completely integrated so you can ramp up and run a far more effective marketing campaign. Ad to this the Market Manager and the fact that V2 social network element gives you the added benefit of building a symbiotic group to make your efforts that much more powerful.

This Wednesday May 16, 2012 at 12pm NOON PST I will be conducting another 2-3 hour seminar

To attend this free seminar Click Here and scroll to bottom of page enter you name and select the event

12:00 PM - Veretekk Inc. V2 Marketing Integration
You are hearing a lot about integration within Veretekk especially with the launch of V2. But most people do not fully grasp the term and how it plays in V2. At this seminar I will illustrate this powerful aspect of V2. Invite your guests. It's open house