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Marketing Your Business Tips

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Marketing Your Business
Keywords and Search Results

I was in the Warriors forum today and someone was proudly boasting he had his site at no one in Google for his local cleaning company. but he complained his description was rubbish.

The reason being he had forgotten to add metatags to his site. Without metatags Google does not know what you want to display. you must remember to spend a little time setting up metatags on any site where you have access.

Google and other search engines are always seeking to present the results you are searching for, which is great however you need to ensure that when you are researching keywords or looking to find on what page your site appears to log out of application such as Google+.

For many years I have had a top ranking site for Lose Weight USA usually in the top 3 out of 80M but if I am logged into Google+ I have positions 2,3,4 and I also show as position 10 for weight loss with 210M results...great for the ego but not for business.

Matters can be further complicated by using local searches say for the Philippines where of course by site would not appear in results.

Another useful tool to use when researching keywords is Google Trends, which follow news items in this case you can clearly seen that items about weight loss are growing in popularity

Weight Loss trends

Not shown here are the links to the news items concerned, which one can follow in order to create extra content for your daily posts.

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