Friday, February 22, 2013

Better Home based Business

What do you expect from your business

Many people are looking to the Internet to help maintain their lifestyle, especially with the financial Crisis which is effecting many areas of the world/ the Internet is often perceived as the place to make money fast and it can be be but there are many scams that need to be avoided.

Like any business it will take time to get into profit and you need to allow for this. you also need to realise that you will need to put in time effort and money in order to build your business, you may have to do some task that you don't like such as speaking with people.

I personally hate the phone but know that this is the best way to communicate with potential customers and customers are the key to the growth of your business.

Far to many people believe all they have to do is direct people to a website and the money will come in, or else entice someone to join their opportunity and sit back and enjoy the profit, which is why MLM has such a bad reputation. If fact most if not all MLM are administered in such as way that if you do not put in the effort you will not be rewarded and it its not uncommon to discover that people below you are earning more than you because they are putting in more time and effort into their business. I believe that is quite fair.

You must be knowledgeable about your business and the products you sell, would you purchase a car from a car sales who does not drive? You should also use the products that you sell if you do not do this your potential customers will think theres is something wrong.

A number of people will ask you how your business is going and here you need to be truthful, if you have just started out no one expects you to be in profit. everyone knows that times are hard. so long as you have a plan that will put you in profit share it with other potential prospects.

Yesterday a prospect said he did not have enough money to join my business so I asked him if he could afford $50 a month and showed him a way that by retailing what he purchased he could start building capital to invest in his business, it might take more time to reach his goal but he would be making progress along the road to success.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life In the Philippines

The Waiting Period

I finally managed to contact The Department of Foreign affairs in Manila and found someone to answer the question as to how to get documents authenticated when you live in the provinces. the solution is so simple its a pity it is not posted on the DFA website.

All you need to do is find the nearest DHL branch, take the documents you want authenticating plus the supporting documents for validation, DHL will check them and then send them to Manila, after a few days they will be returned stamped with a red ribbon, Yes we have to drive a few hours to a DHL office, so will let you know how it all goes in a couple of weeks time. there is even an option for them to deliver the documents directly to you home.

We had a final meeting with our lawyer at the weekend, as one document has not been signed correctly, so will need to await a replacement... another 14 days wait.

The President of the Philippines visited Dipolog city to open a new school and revealed plans to upgrade the airport and provide more shopping malls and hotel for tourist. This is the start of a general upgrade to the island of Mindanao which is rich in resources that are starting to attract the interest of investors. This is some good news especially as I have a house for sale ready for occupation.

There is not much more we can do at the moment to expedite our move, our next milestone is receipt of Jays passport so we can apply for Cyprus Visa's

David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Working From Home

Focus on your business

Building an online business is not an easy task, you can have the best mentor in the world but unless you follow their advice and concentrate on the business in hand you will struggle. Yes it is hard work but if you expect it to produce money for no effort you could be in for a long wait.

If you are prepared to put in time and money into a project you will create more money. Some people also need to have conventional jobs in order to support their family needs and this can create a dilemma. where do they focus their effort.

A salaried job will produce the same amount of money no matter how much time and effort you put in and is a safe option. Working for yourself is a risk, there is no safety net of money coming in at the end of the month.

A combination of the two is the most common route to start building a home based business, but one need to remember to set aside time for your new venture and treat it as a business not a hobby. If you do not work at it it will wither and die.

So how can you improve the odds of success, well all businesses needs customers or leads they are the lifeblood of business and need to be treated like seed corn and nurtured to produce income. You must set aside at least one hour everyday, that 7 hours a week this is the minimum investment for your future. It's not asking much, you probably spend more time watching soaps and since when did TV make you money.

Some year ago I worked with a group Make Money Not Excuses and that saying is true today. you need to associate with like minded people, people with the same goal who you can turn to for advice and who will help you reach your goal.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Mindset of a Millionaire

Mindset of a Millionaire

I have written about goals in the past and as you are developing your business you will probably have a number of goals however you need to ensure that they are all taking you in the direction of you main goal.

Some people get diverted and may even consider a totally new project this will confuse your mind and slow down success. People talk about multitasking, which is great provided that each task leads to your goal. you can only have one main goal.

For example my main goal is to become a millionaire by December 2014, however recently I have needed to spend more time than planned on moving to Cyprus. But Cyprus offers, a better environment and better communications in which to build my business, where people have more money, in spite of European financial problems compared with the Philippines where I live at the moment.

This short term goal will be completed in April and I am already building new contacts on the Island and working in others way to develop my business.

Whatever I do for the next two years is leading me in one direction only towards my main goal and I will only consider things that lead me in that direction - Financial Freedom.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Billionaire Ed Mercer Wealth Seminar

Working with a Mentor

People often ask what are the advantages of working with a mentor such as Ed Mercer and the answer is that you can draw on their experience and knowledge to achieve your own goals. A mentor can not only guide you in the right direction but is there for you hen you have self doubt or face challenges.

I used to be and Adventure Racer, facing challenges navigating through jungles with just a map and compass and three teammates for company. I developed a great ability as a pathfinder to find a path that would take us in the direction we wished to travel. Occasionally we could find a guide and we were able to get to our destination quicker, using their knowledge.

Ed Mercer has had an extraordinary life and worked hard to get to the position he is in today. He has many personal achievements and holds a number of world records, his latest record attempt is to create 100 new millionaires. Ed is so committed to the task that he is willing to speak personally to with anyone that is willing to join him on the quest to create serious wealth. It is not often that you will find a Billionaire who is willing to help someone just starting out and mentor and advising them for two years not only how to make money but also to provide advice on how to make the income work for you to create greater wealth.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge