Friday, November 16, 2012

Life in the Philippines

Waiting for results

I am not sure that the saying no news is good news, is good, we are still waiting for final confirmation of Jasmin's annulment and this probably now means that we will not have the documents until January with a knock on effect which will delay our movement to Cyprus until the summer.

We have one piece of good news that one of the documents we need is Police clearance here in Dipolog and we have been informed that this can be carried out in Dipolog city rather than having to travel to Manila as we were originally advised, however now the requirement for this document has also been delayed so once more be are back in waiting mode.

One item that I have been actively pursuing is the cost of moving currencies between countries and I have come across a number of options to using banks, which on the face of it can save money. Most banks make a standard charge of around $30 to transfer money, which if you are sending a small amount can make up a high percentage of the cost. In addition to the fixed charge they also earn a margin on the exchange rate. By using an FX broker service you can save between 3-5% on the money you transfer. I have signed up with a couple to find out what kind of saving I can make of transfer between the UK and Philippines and the UK and Cyprus. But in these difficult times even a few pounds per transaction soon adds up.

Postal service has improved a bit, but once again late delivery of time sensitive documents has cost me money. This is a sad state of affairs and needs to be addressed by the Government.

It would seem that law and order is starting to breakdown in Sindangan, where we used to live, with crimes of murder occurring on a daily rather than a monthly basis, not sure if this can be blamed on the upcoming elections which are due next year, which always increases crime figures.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dipolog City - House and Lot For Sale

Original Article @ Dipolog house and Lot for Sale

We had a nasty little surprise this week when we discovered we had not paid our property tax for the year. we had received the title to our property in August, which showed that Property tax had been paid for 2011 and we assumed that that we would be informed when we were due to pay the current year tax. Never assume anything in the Philippines, apparently in Dipolog City, the Tax falls due quarterly in advance and home owners are notified by the posting of a notice outside city hall. This is fine if you happen to pass city hall and see the notice, otherwise you are in the dark. We ended up paying interest, which having become somewhat cynical, we believe is another way of making money out of people, maybe they did mail a reminder but then in a place where mail delivery is also suspect that is not the answer either.

The good news however is we have paid the property tax for 2013 as well so that the purchaser of our house will avoid the problem next year.

Till the next time

David Ogden
Dipolog City
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Millionaire Mentoring

Millionaire Mentoring.

When I started out working online many years ago the first thing i did was to find a mentor to guide and assist me in setting up a business. It was an intensive course lasting some nine months at the end of which I had a product that I had produced and could sell. Nowadays there are supposedly thousands of ways of making money online, if you believe what you see online. But in my opinion personal mentoring is the best, because you can share in success and failure and get feedback on you progress along the road to success.

When you learn to drive, you don't just jump in car and drive, you find someone who can teach you, so why is that people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands on a business and don't seek help from a mentor who can guide them to success.

It is far easier to work with someone who has been there before you, notice I said work, because you will still need to work on your success, there are no free rides, but you will be guided along the way. One of the most difficult things is deciding what you need to do to start earning money and this is where Billionaire Ed Mercer can help you. You see Ed Mercer loves to help people, he has already created 35 millionaires and now has taken up a challenge to create an additional 100 millionaires from ordinary people, for a new world record challenge.

He has done the hard part in finding a business which has a great compensation plan and a product that is used everyday. He has joined this together with a marketing system which is attracting hundred of people, to create a business plan. Part of this plan has been to set up an active group of people from around the world,who are prepared to do what it takes to improve their lives and the lives of others. This group shares information and helps one another to the extent that information and advice is available 24/7 if members have a question relating to the business of making money online.

This expanding group of people work together under the mentorship of Ed Mercer and share in the success that Ed's business perception brings. It is a win win situation the group members start to create serious wealth and Ed Mercer can expand his philanthropist help to worthy causes

If you have a true dream you want to follow, Ed Mercer can make your dream come true, the next step is to request further information by completing the form at and you will be invited to attend the next available live seminar to discover if you qualify to be mentored by Ed Mercer.

David Ogden
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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Life In the Philippines

post office deliveries

The local post office in Dipolog city has been the bane of my life since I moved here at the beginning of the year. i do not know how many letters have gone missing but know I have lost quite a few important one. It all came to a head ten days ago, when I eventually had gathered proof that my mail was been interfered with. On the day in question my wife collected a number of letters stamped as been received up to a month before, but which had not been de lived.

One letter I opened was a time sensitive letter from my bank wherein they informed me that if I did not reply in ten days they would remove an amount of money relating to an ongoing fraud case from my account. I returned to the Post Office and read the riot act, advising them they were failing in their duty to deliver the mail. They offered many excuses, not enough workers, the weather,sickness. I would have none of it. I went as far as suggesting that they write to the Postmaster general and request the Post Office be shut down. I left a formal complaint with them.

Now miraculously the post is working as it is designed I am getting a regular supply of mail again. so it seems they can do their jobs.

I question sometimes why it is difficult to get people to do what they are paid to do, I do not know how many times have walked into shops and watched staff chatting to each other rather than assisting customers or even worse texting or using mobile devices.

Perhaps I am old fashioned but I used to like to think that I was paid what I felt I was worth, If I was not being paid enough I could leave. Sometimes it was a matter of more than money, I would do jobs I enjoyed or once where I could learn and take on new skills. I have done a huge assortment of jobs in my life so far working for people, with people and for myself. I do not think I have ever been fired, I have always been the one move on. I have been lucky.

One of the most challenging businesses in my opinion is to help people earn money online, the the world of so called fast money, rip offs and scams. The truth is there is good consistent money being made online from Multi-level-marketing when done the right way with the right company. Multi-level-marketing is now being taught in colleges. If its good enough for Warren Buffet its good enough for anyone.

The basis of Multilevel marketing is building and duplication actions which sell products and services on which one can build commissions through multiple levels.

Finding something that works and can be duplicated is one of the secrets that people such as as Billionaire Ed Mercer has used in the past and is using now to create new millionaires. it is not rocket science merely common sense and anybody with a little bit of money, his guidance and advice can create serious wealth.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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