Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dipolog City - House and Lot For Sale

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We had a nasty little surprise this week when we discovered we had not paid our property tax for the year. we had received the title to our property in August, which showed that Property tax had been paid for 2011 and we assumed that that we would be informed when we were due to pay the current year tax. Never assume anything in the Philippines, apparently in Dipolog City, the Tax falls due quarterly in advance and home owners are notified by the posting of a notice outside city hall. This is fine if you happen to pass city hall and see the notice, otherwise you are in the dark. We ended up paying interest, which having become somewhat cynical, we believe is another way of making money out of people, maybe they did mail a reminder but then in a place where mail delivery is also suspect that is not the answer either.

The good news however is we have paid the property tax for 2013 as well so that the purchaser of our house will avoid the problem next year.

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David Ogden
Dipolog City
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