Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Millionaire Mentoring

Millionaire Mentoring.

When I started out working online many years ago the first thing i did was to find a mentor to guide and assist me in setting up a business. It was an intensive course lasting some nine months at the end of which I had a product that I had produced and could sell. Nowadays there are supposedly thousands of ways of making money online, if you believe what you see online. But in my opinion personal mentoring is the best, because you can share in success and failure and get feedback on you progress along the road to success.

When you learn to drive, you don't just jump in car and drive, you find someone who can teach you, so why is that people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands on a business and don't seek help from a mentor who can guide them to success.

It is far easier to work with someone who has been there before you, notice I said work, because you will still need to work on your success, there are no free rides, but you will be guided along the way. One of the most difficult things is deciding what you need to do to start earning money and this is where Billionaire Ed Mercer can help you. You see Ed Mercer loves to help people, he has already created 35 millionaires and now has taken up a challenge to create an additional 100 millionaires from ordinary people, for a new world record challenge.

He has done the hard part in finding a business which has a great compensation plan and a product that is used everyday. He has joined this together with a marketing system which is attracting hundred of people, to create a business plan. Part of this plan has been to set up an active group of people from around the world,who are prepared to do what it takes to improve their lives and the lives of others. This group shares information and helps one another to the extent that information and advice is available 24/7 if members have a question relating to the business of making money online.

This expanding group of people work together under the mentorship of Ed Mercer and share in the success that Ed's business perception brings. It is a win win situation the group members start to create serious wealth and Ed Mercer can expand his philanthropist help to worthy causes

If you have a true dream you want to follow, Ed Mercer can make your dream come true, the next step is to request further information by completing the form at http://seriouswealth.net and you will be invited to attend the next available live seminar to discover if you qualify to be mentored by Ed Mercer.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

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