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Marketing Your Business Tips

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Marketing Your Business
Email advertising

Email adverting is one of the most fickle areas of marketing but the key is to always get permission – Without having permission (meaning every subscriber asked for you to email them), spam complaints will increase and people will ignore your emails — even worse, they may opt out altogether. Aside from upsetting your new subscribers, you will probably also get the boot from your email service provider or ISP for violating their policies.

Utilize email marketing campaigns instead of "newsletters" . With an email campaign, you can attract specific prospects and send them emails related to a particular topic.

Do not sell, provide information which is useful to your subscriber and let him decide when the time is right to purchase, you may have to mail him for a year or more.

More and more people are using mobile devices so you may need to redesign the email and landing pages so it's easy for mobile users – Realize that the popular iPhone has a viewable space of 320 x 356 pixels. That's not much compared to the real estate of your computer (probably above 1024 x 768). This means you should condense the width so they can read the email without resizing the message.

If you use images make your email readable without images enabled – For privacy reasons, most email clients disable images unless the user allows it. Because of this, any images you include in the email should have descriptive text set for the Alternative attribute.

Remember to provide subscribers with a method of unsubscribing and a note of when they subscribed is useful as often people forget what they signed up for and can accuse you of spam.

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