Sunday, July 01, 2012

Life in the philippines

Life in the Philippines
Tropical storms

Once again this week a tropical storm has been hanging around the Philippines, with the result that there tends to be heavy rain in the evenings, just when I settle down to catch up on the latest news on TV.

The satellite systems sold here have far to small a dish to receive a good signal when it rains and it is something that the providers need to address, it also effects cable suppliers in the provinces as well as virtually all content is bounced of satellite at some point apart from local channels.
I have subscribed to Expat TV which allow me to watch programs from the UK on my computer and I starting to think that I might ditch my satellite, as the Internet is not effected by the weather, unless of course the power or phone lines are damaged by falling trees.

Last week I had a meeting with the local electricity supplier and they agreed to take up my complaint about how they calculated my deposit with their Board. A number of other items were discussed, including their website which is still under construction, as they have a vacancy. I made a suggestion that is they removed links from the site to pages which were not complete, visitors would have a better browsing experience.

For some time now I have been searching for ways for people to be able to improve life in the Philippines, and yesterday when out for a visit to the beach we stopped off at a restaurant in Dapitan city, where a business presentation was being held. As we finished our lunch, I asked for an information pack, as it maybe something that I could build as a local source of income.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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How Too Productively Work your Home Business

There are different methods and strategies which people use when building a home based business. Some use email marketing as their primary method while other people spend time writing articles much like this one. These two methods set out for long term results and are not as productive as using the phone, holding small business conferences (on or offline), or introducing a person face to face about your products or services.