Friday, November 16, 2012

Life in the Philippines

Waiting for results

I am not sure that the saying no news is good news, is good, we are still waiting for final confirmation of Jasmin's annulment and this probably now means that we will not have the documents until January with a knock on effect which will delay our movement to Cyprus until the summer.

We have one piece of good news that one of the documents we need is Police clearance here in Dipolog and we have been informed that this can be carried out in Dipolog city rather than having to travel to Manila as we were originally advised, however now the requirement for this document has also been delayed so once more be are back in waiting mode.

One item that I have been actively pursuing is the cost of moving currencies between countries and I have come across a number of options to using banks, which on the face of it can save money. Most banks make a standard charge of around $30 to transfer money, which if you are sending a small amount can make up a high percentage of the cost. In addition to the fixed charge they also earn a margin on the exchange rate. By using an FX broker service you can save between 3-5% on the money you transfer. I have signed up with a couple to find out what kind of saving I can make of transfer between the UK and Philippines and the UK and Cyprus. But in these difficult times even a few pounds per transaction soon adds up.

Postal service has improved a bit, but once again late delivery of time sensitive documents has cost me money. This is a sad state of affairs and needs to be addressed by the Government.

It would seem that law and order is starting to breakdown in Sindangan, where we used to live, with crimes of murder occurring on a daily rather than a monthly basis, not sure if this can be blamed on the upcoming elections which are due next year, which always increases crime figures.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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