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Blogging To Success

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Blogging To Success

The platinum control panel is one of the most powerful SEO Tools on the market today and is an add on for Veretekk Gold subscribers. One of the key tools of successful SEO is building backlinks and many people have difficulties with this. Some year ago Veretekk developed the Blogger bully to enable the quick submission of posts to both Blogger and WordPress, however both systems have their drawback. blogger which is owned by Google can shut your blog down without notice. does not support business use and will also remover your blog.

One recommended solution was to host your own WordPress Blog on your own domain, but this has opened the door for spammers and the likes to crack the code with the result that the program is constantly being updated to close the loopholes, this can be time consuming if you have many blogs. Also every add-in you use provides free advertising to its developer and can open up further loopholes.

Veretekk already has a system of Drones which are fed by an RSS system. The Current recommendation is that for Platinum owners who having been using the Blogger Bully and Postie add in to update their blog, is for them switch to a Veretekk drone.

I have created a short video that explains the process - Click on image below to view
Moving from Wordpress

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