Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Life in Philippines

Back to work

The Philippines have a strange way of celebrating Christmas a big build up, then a day of celebration and straight back to work. I do not understand the use of fireworks to celebrate Christmas, and to be honest find them most annoying, fire crackers and banger just serve to make a noise, disturb people and frighten pets and livestock.

I can only imagine it is some Chinese tradition but would have preferred that they restricted the noise to new year and provide some colourful fireworks.

My Father spent Christmas in hospital in the UK and the rest of my family celebrated at home.

Business wise, matters are quiet at the moment, but I will be starting a new campaign in a weeks time, in the mean time its a matter of just checking and updating websites in preparation.

Hopefully we will have a meeting with our lawyer this week to continue on with the great paper chase to relocate to Europe.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pre-launch business offers

Pre launches

I now have two prelaunch projects both of which are earning me money, my prelaunchx Forex trading added another 10% to my account last week, so I have a $1300 gain on a zero investment. in fact the account has increased 13times from the start credit of $100.

Not sure when it will launch but there is still time to build followers and build residue override commissions.

the second pre launch is Cool Trader Pro the worlds only fully automated stock trading system which may become essential software for any stock broker or financial advisor who looks and advises other people about the stock market. With this piece of software you can spend the day on the beach while the robot opens and closes the deals you have set up to follow. No need to sit like a bug eyed monster watching multiple screen check it out at

David Ogden

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Life in the Philippines

Christmas is coming

Christmas is just over a week away and shopping is becoming a chore, with tricycles and cars clogging up the streets, the best way about town is by mountain bike, but I have noticed lately that air pollution is getting worse, there is a definite haze in the traffic areas. Last week I delivered my Christmas promotions to the local businesses and will see if they bear fruits in the future. Ben our dog is due for his annual anti rabies shot, but the vet informed me yesterday he is out of supplies, it seems that many more people are getting their dogs vaccinated these day, hopefully he will have new stocks next week. The vet confirmed my fears that when we move to Cyprus will be too costly to take the dogs with us as they do not have microchiping or suitable blood testing to meet European standards.

The first batch of carol singers made their rounds, but we are lucky that living in a gated community most are turned away at the gate. I am still not sure of what are plans are for Christmas , Jay and his grandmother are going to Manila next week but am not sure if they will return by Christmas Day, planning and organisation goes out of the window when living in the Philippines.

Business is quietening down for the holidays the only news in this area is the announcements of a change in direction for my veretekk business as it drops its affiliate program, which mean a drop in income from January, but a promise of more to come at ht end of the year.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fully Automated Stock Trading

Auto trading stocks

I was reminded yesterday about a method of trading on the stock market with little risk, it involves using the worlds first fully automatic stock trading robot Cool Trade Pro. the program has been years in the making, I ran across it about 4 years ago but the price was to high for me. Basically it is your own home based stock broker which runs on your PC during trading hours and not only suggest stock and trades to make but enters and closes them for you.

It does not matter which way the stock market moves you can make money, no longer do you need to invest long term, there are three proven built in strategies which will cover every situation with out you having to analyse pages of information and charts, it is all done for you/

What more would you want, well the company now is offering the system for sale within the MLM market so that anyone can start earning money not only from using the software but also by selling it.

For the next six days there are some special offers which have been extended and offer some $7,500 in savings provided one moves quickly take a look at and you will see what I mean.

David Ogden

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

what Marketing Tool do you use ?

Advertising Tools

What are you you must have advertising/marketing tools that you use on a regular basis and how much are you prepared to pay for them.

Most people have their favourite tools such as Aweber for auto responders and Goto meeting for online meeting and webinar. Some people like to purchase domain names from one company and host with another, others use free hosting.

SEO consultancy services are important for some companies who may not have the time or resources to develop good search engine result strategies for their websites. There are some sites such as IBOtoolbox which offer free social marking and blogging and advertising services were subscribers can earn points which can be converted into advertising.

I myself prefer to pay for a complete suite of tools which are designed to work together but then I pay $55 a month for the privilege, about the same amount I would pay to use Aweber and Goto meeting. I believe I am getting great value for money, unlimited autoresponders ,webinar room. training,hosting including a dozen aged domains where I can add subdomains, an integrated social marketing and blogging systems incorporating smart RSS feed and more.

My question to you is what are you using, how much do you spend and what other tools do you feel are essential for advertising your business.


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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Advertising Your Business

Is there value in Free

For a long time I have been preaching people to take care when signing up for something that is free, because there is little value in something that is free, usually marketers will entice customers with free offers, just like supermarkets, buy one get one free, sounds much better than 50% reduction.

I used to have a number of sites where I used to offer free leads, ebooks, software and even holidays for free and maybe I have suffered from being hoist my my own petard as these methods have proved to be largely ineffective.

Don't get me wrong in this worldwide economic downturn the word Free does attract a lot more people but the more discerning are aware of the catch. If you fill in contact details in a box online you can expect that someone will contact you to try and sell you something. so you must think carefully is what is being offered for free worth something to you.

One site I do like on the Internet is IBOToolbox, I have used it for a number of months and it has a few tools such as URL shorteners and a blogging system which can help improve your search engine results. It also allows you to advertise with banners and text boxes on its site for free, provide you remain active in a social way and this has helped my business.

Yes a few people have tried to sell me on their business, but I have my hands full with what I am doing, so I tend to ignore them, I look to help people to help themselves.

I am even now working on a project which I believe will change the online marketing arena forever, so watch this space.

David Ogden

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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Life in Philippines

Financial shock

This month my pension payment was reduced for some reason and caused a worrisome time. I was wondering is there had been a change in the UK to reduce pensions. It made be realise that I need to find an additional source of income to protect me in the future. Happily it has been resolved it was an administration error and after speaking to the UK tax office it will be corrected in the next payment/

I have not been able to afloat since moving to the Philippines so now I am trying my hand at virtual sailing in the Vendee Globe around the world race. Tactics and reading the weather are the keys to success, At the moment I am in the chasing pack closing in slowly on a group ahead who have run into lighter winds. I am hoping to catch the front of a new low pressure system to get me to the first ice gate off South Africa. The only problem being is that when I arrive it could be a windless area and many people being me will be closing on my heels. the highest position i have been is 100 but I dropped back to 130 due to a computer outage and am now clawing my way back currently in 109.

My computer outage was caused by a typhoon passing across Mindanao, thankfully only a few 100 people lost their lives compared to over a thousand last year as they had warnings to get into shelter. These typhoons are part of the change in global weather patterns and it is always the poor and ill-informed that seen to suffer.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Friday, December 07, 2012

Marketing Your Business

Do you have the right tools

Operating a business weather online or offline requires you as a business owner to invest time and money to become successful, there is no magic short cut, even someone such as Ed Mercer a Billionaire spends many hours a day on the phone talking to people about his business ventures.

Ed Mercers latest project is to create 100 new millionaires, he has done the hard part and researched the market and selected a product that will provide the best way of achieving his Goal of creating a new Guinness World Record. He has agreed to share what he is doing with 100 people and mentor them to success. If you believe you have what it takes, then why not join him.

Ed Mercer certainly know how to work offline but is surprisingly a novice when it comes to the Internet, however he has learnt that the Internet can vastly expand his sphere of influence so is making full use of lead capture pages, autoresponders, blog,conference rooms and social marketing systems to spread the word provided by a leading marketing company with a track record of success.

You can spend quite a lot of money if you purchase subscriptions on an ad hoc basis for example Aweber charge $19 a month for a basic system and this increases as your subscriber list grows. GoToMeeting costs $49 a month for a small room,

You can very soon find your costs mounting from $70-100+, as you add more items such as blogging systems, hosting and the like, so it makes far more sense to find a package that integrates all your tools in one place.which makes your business us easier to administer.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Making Money

Money Exchanges

The current financial downturn has resulted in many people having to tighten their belts and seek way of reducing expenditure. One area I have been looking at in the past month is the cost of moving currency from one country to another. Now I used to actively trade Forex in the past so know that financial institutions can make some good profits when buying and selling money.

I have in the past carried out monthly transfers via my bank where they not only charge 20 pounds for a standard transfer but also make money on the exchange rate as well. I carried out some research and found a company called Money Corp based in the UK who not only provide bank transfer free of charge but also have offer one the best rates for PHP which is good as the Philippine peso is growing stronger

Passive Income Opportunity

Have you ever fancied being a director of an Internet company, well now is your chance a new application suite is to be launched in the new year which will be the greatest lead developer on the Internet. I mean focused, legitimate, targeted leads.

This new platform will be huge and responsible for causing other competitors to totally collapse when we launch it including

This new platform will be multi lingual representing at least 20 languages including.

With crowd funding and offering 100 corporate director positions and what this will mean for your success and potential.

The new platform will have the total look and feel of Facebook and LinkedIn.

Do not procrastinate. There are only 100 Director positions available -38 already spoken for.

Register in my Directors Group to attend the meetings and get all the incredible details.

Honestly, if you are serious about business, want the success you know you can achieve, come to this meeting. Once you hear what Mike and I are doing and where we are going to go, you will be dutifully impressed.

Note: This is not about MLM, or an opportunity to join, it is about the new, out of the box, direction that Veretekk is taking. Heck, we are even going to change the name. Want to know why and what???? Come to the meeting. Join the Directors Group.

David Ogden

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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Life in Philippines

Life Drifts on

Very little happening in the Philippines this past week, yes they are gearing up for Christmas a major celebration time for them. Traffic is busier in Dipolog city. They have been repainting the pedestrian crossings, not sure why because most motorists ignore them. Maybe one reason is the paint seems to wear off in a matter of days, and there are no warning signs or beacons so they are hard to see.

I learn something new yesterday as there was another 12 hour power outage and that is that the ATM's don't work unless the banks are open, it was a national holiday so banks where shut and it seems they do not have auto start generators. As I was not able to work online we decided to go shopping but that came to an end due to lack of cash. Oh the joys of being in a third world country.

Jasmin is still awaiting for a legal document to be processed, it would seem some documents went missing and we had to obtain a legal document from the post office to confirm it had been posted. We are now in December and if we do not receive some good news this month all out plans for next year are in jeopardy.

I have finally made contact with my Son after a three year gap, something was blogging wither his or my email address, his news was not good as he has been made redundant, and at the same time I have become a grandfather.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge