Saturday, December 08, 2012

Life in Philippines

Financial shock

This month my pension payment was reduced for some reason and caused a worrisome time. I was wondering is there had been a change in the UK to reduce pensions. It made be realise that I need to find an additional source of income to protect me in the future. Happily it has been resolved it was an administration error and after speaking to the UK tax office it will be corrected in the next payment/

I have not been able to afloat since moving to the Philippines so now I am trying my hand at virtual sailing in the Vendee Globe around the world race. Tactics and reading the weather are the keys to success, At the moment I am in the chasing pack closing in slowly on a group ahead who have run into lighter winds. I am hoping to catch the front of a new low pressure system to get me to the first ice gate off South Africa. The only problem being is that when I arrive it could be a windless area and many people being me will be closing on my heels. the highest position i have been is 100 but I dropped back to 130 due to a computer outage and am now clawing my way back currently in 109.

My computer outage was caused by a typhoon passing across Mindanao, thankfully only a few 100 people lost their lives compared to over a thousand last year as they had warnings to get into shelter. These typhoons are part of the change in global weather patterns and it is always the poor and ill-informed that seen to suffer.

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