Friday, September 28, 2012

Billionaire Ed Mercer Wealth Seminar

Millionaire Mentoring.

Many successful people employ mentors in order to achieve business success, because success breeds success so if you are seeking serious wealth you need to find someone who is seriously wealthy and you cant do much better than teaming up with Billionaire Ed Mercer who is now looking to create a Guinness world record as the first person to create 100 new millionaires.

Ed Mercer outlines his project in the following short video so take some time to watch it

If you have a true dream you want to follow, Ed Mercer can make your dream come true, the next step is to request further information by completing the form at and you will be invited to attend the next available live seminar to discover if you qualify to be mentored by Ed Mercer.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Friday, September 14, 2012

Millionaire Mentoring to Create Serious Wealth

There are a number of millionaires who provide mentoring to business minded people, not only to build their wealth but also to educate them into how to handle money and the attention that wealthy people attract. So how successful is millionaire mentoring and where can you find a millionaire mentor.

Well I have been lucky to have come in contact with Millionaire Ed Mercer via his 100 millionaires challenge, and I find it refreshing that he has so much time to offer towards guiding and influencing people to achieve success. Mentors can inspire you not only to reach your dreams but to pursue goals that far exceed your dreams. Yes you do need to be trainable, disciplined and one hundred percent committed to achieve success.

I had in fact heard about Ed many years ago when he was concerned about environmental issues in Costa Rica, so I did a little research and it appears he has been successful in the past in creating 35 millionaires, although this new challenge is mind blowing his track record speaks for itself and I am sure he will succeed or even surpass his goal:-

"Ed is one of those magnetic figures that brings out the best in those that are looking for guidance," said John Woods, "and so very thankful that God led me down the path where I was able to connect with this talented individual who has taught me so much from an Entrepreneurial standpoint and in particular to being a Leader in this Industry … from Ed I have learned how important it is to help others as their success will eventually be returned to the originator many times over and a daily focus for myself with every great individual I am proud to call a Team Member!"
John Woods

Times are hard for many people not only in Europe and America but around the world and many people have found themselves thrust into poverty, now Ed Mercer does not give monetary handouts but instead provides advice and mentoring to help people pick themselves up and get back to chasing their dreams, People such as Kent Adams:-

"As a custom home builder, my family and I were hit very hard by the banking industry bust and real estate crash. In short, between 2009 and 2011, we lost everything. My business was gone. Our home got foreclosed on. My truck was repossessed as my two youngest sons watched. It was a nightmare. Last spring, I met Ed Mercer at the Summits Wealth Creation Conference in Richmond, and started getting personally mentored by him. Since then, I have been able to start several new business ventures, purchase our dream home for my family, and buy a Mercedes Benz. What a difference a year makes!"

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starting a Serious Business

Turning Failure into Success

Did you know that 85% of small business businesses fail in their first year and the two main reasons are lack of experience and insufficient capital. If you have considered starting your own business you will no doubt have searched online and come across many thousand of opportunities. some are good, some are bad and others just rip offs to get you money. So how do you choose, well look at the main causes of failure.

What kind of experience do you have that can build a business, if you are a salesperson them maybe select something in sales and marketing, or maybe you have a talent that can be turned into a business, you can make or sell online. You could consider an MLM but you need to research them thoroughly and they can be quite restrictive in what you do.

Next how much money do you have to invest and this is in my opinion where many fail. Every business needs money to start off, so take off your list all the so called opportunities that are on offer for free. The other fact is that the more money you lay out to start of the more you will be committed to make your business work. Most people can spend $50-100 and not even miss it so they are not bothered about success or failure. At the other end a franchise business will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and you will work hard to get a return on your investment over a number of years until you are in profit.

Now times are hard at the moment and I would suggest you choose a conservative mode. If you are serious you need to raise around $5,000 to building your business. You can build success, it is money you cannot afford to lose, so your are more likely to take your business seriously and do what ever it is you need to do to be successful. You probably do not want to commit the full amount initially but hold some back to cover contingencies.

Getting started is always difficult, it part of the challenge of living, you need to remain focussed on you goals and as you start earning money feed some back to continue growing your business. It also helps to mix with other successful people, for some reason some of their success rubs off on you.

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Friday, September 07, 2012

Better Home based Business


Have you ever wondered why the human race can speak, well it is so we can clearly communicate with one another both socially and in business. Good verbal communication can greatly increase business success. One only has to look at the growth of mobile phones and tablet PC's which enhance communications no matter where you are.

Business communications is best done face to face, as it not only allows you to talk and listen but also provides feedback information on who people look and react during questions and answers. To some extend VOIP videoconferencing has extended what i regard as the prime mode of communications when building a better home based business.

Face to face communications also allow you to hand over and share documents during meetings and again get instant feed back ,if you send information by email, chat or SMS you cannot be sure that anyone reads it.

there is a definite art in attracting people to a capture page when advertising your business it must have the best mix of information and text so nowadays many business use video's to promote what they are doing and then provide a form for interested people to receive more information.

Many business's use autoresponders to reply to queries, however once again there is no way of knowing if the message will get through or even read, so the most successful way is to call the person on the phone and speak to them in person. this may take a lot of time when people have voicemails systems, so one may use other tools such as SMS if the call is to a mobile or even using Skype VOIP system where one can connect and send chat messages as well. but at the end of the day using the phone will always have the best result.

I am a project coordinator with ED Mercer a Successful Billionaire who spend up to 8 hours a day on the phone and has little use of computers, even when he is running his present project to create a 100 new millionaires from ordinary people who have the commitment to do something with their lives.

David Ogden
'Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Advertising Your Business

Advertising Tips

Anyone who operates a business knows that advertising is essential for for business success, but few small businesses can afford the high cost it entails, so imagine having a business that is built on a duplicatable process that includes advertising and mentoring.

The more money you have in your advertising war chest the better level of customers you will attract, if you use free advertising services as many home based businesses do you will have very low quality leads when you have a larger budget and start advertising in papers magazines and radio programs the quality of your leads grows exponentially.

The content of your ads is also an important point according to David Ogilvy who wrote a book Titled Confessions of an Advertising Man.

"Unless you campaign is built around a great idea it will flop"
Witty slogan just do not cut it consumers are much more interest in true facts. The more factual information you cam pack into you advert the better will be the result.

Now I am working with Ed Mercers on his 100 Millionaires Guinness world record challenge and at the moment we have approaching a $50,000 advertising budget for your benefit. The deadline to share in this co-operative, is Sunday so you need to get onboard soon

The advertising budget has been built in less than 30 days of test promotions of Ed's Millionaire mentoring and provides $50,000 to spend this coming month for the benefit of all those who sign up at by Sunday Night

Do you have what it takes to earn a million or more then check out Ed Mercer because he will be your personal mentor to guide you to success

David Ogden