Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Advertising Your Business

Advertising Tips

Anyone who operates a business knows that advertising is essential for for business success, but few small businesses can afford the high cost it entails, so imagine having a business that is built on a duplicatable process that includes advertising and mentoring.

The more money you have in your advertising war chest the better level of customers you will attract, if you use free advertising services as many home based businesses do you will have very low quality leads when you have a larger budget and start advertising in papers magazines and radio programs the quality of your leads grows exponentially.

The content of your ads is also an important point according to David Ogilvy who wrote a book Titled Confessions of an Advertising Man.

"Unless you campaign is built around a great idea it will flop"
Witty slogan just do not cut it consumers are much more interest in true facts. The more factual information you cam pack into you advert the better will be the result.

Now I am working with Ed Mercers on his 100 Millionaires Guinness world record challenge and at the moment we have approaching a $50,000 advertising budget for your benefit. The deadline to share in this co-operative, is Sunday so you need to get onboard soon

The advertising budget has been built in less than 30 days of test promotions of Ed's Millionaire mentoring and provides $50,000 to spend this coming month for the benefit of all those who sign up at by Sunday Night

Do you have what it takes to earn a million or more then check out Ed Mercer because he will be your personal mentor to guide you to success

David Ogden

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