Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Challwngs of life in Philippines

Departure Roadblock

Planning our move to Cyprus is becoming more and more stressful, The hold up appears to be with the National Statistic 0ffice (NSO) Our lawyer say Jasmin will get here Annulment document this weekend, apart from one due from the NSO which corrects the official records, this will take another week or so and without this document we cannot get married.

We have also discovered to our horror that getting a copy of our marriage certificate could take many months some people are still waiting after a year. It seems if one lives in Manila there are quicker ways but like everything in the provinces it takes extra time.

Our solution is to travel to Cyprus and get married there, the only drawback is getting a visa for both Jasmin and Jay, We have to prove our relationship and their dependance on me. I have contacted the Registry office in Paphos and provided and we should be able to use our document provided they are stamped by the Department of Foreign affairs in Zamboanga at the same time we need to get Jay passport and an apostile of Jays Birth certificate. this once more relies on the NSO to change and Register Jays surname to that of his mother. We can foresee a problem here.

I personally do not trust the NSO, as part of our preparations to get married here (plan A) I had to get a CENOMAR certificate of no marriage in the Philippines from them. Image my surprise when it return a record saying I was Already married to another Filipino. Luckily I had my old passport and it clearly showed I was in Cyprus at the time! So they amended the record and gave me a clean result.

Timing is getting quite critical as I have learnt that Jasmin and Jays visa document which we will send to Manila have to be sent to Cyprus , before a visa can be issues.

My job at the present is together supporting documentation for their visa, with the aim of posting them the day after my birthday, which was the original day of our planned marriage.

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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