Sunday, March 24, 2013

Better Home Based Business


What a strange world we live in many people are out of work and looking for jobs even seeking to make money online but are they really interested in Work.

I ask this question for two reason, I have watched a program "Fairy Jobmother" where a woman spends a week with along term unemployed family trying to get them back on their feet. They often have huge depts but would rather spend the days watching TV or lazing around the house rather than actively banging on doors.

Recently two people joined my online business and before they signed up i spent some time explaining what I required of them if they wanted to succeed. So they spent some money and did nothing expecting that some think magic would happen. I chased one up when he missed a planned appointment and his excuse was I have been out partying I will start tomorrow one week later he still must be partying if that's his priority he is heading nowhere.

The second guy is out of work, but once again not prepared to take action, does not answers calls or respond to messages. maybe I am different, if someone offered to help me build my business I would accept it with open arms, maybe its something to do with the age difference

I have written before about dragging a horse to water and struggling to make it drink, it actually happened to me many years ago in North East Brazil, we later had to abandon our horses and walk

Maybe I am harsh with my assessment but I know it those the people with fire in their bellies bellies who are successfully and it is better to spend time with people who have the will to succeed rather than those that think it might be nice to have more money

David Ogden
Ed Mercers 100 Millionaires Challenge