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Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Social Marketing

A new feature is been added to my V2 marketing system, which will greatly enhance the symbiotic marketing effect of the the system. Now if you have not heard or do not know about symbiotic marketing. It is a method of advertising where one marketer shares his products and services with anothers marketers customers. for instance you could swop or share mailing lists to introduce your customers to a variety of products.

V2 has a group of some 112 business entrepreneurs, know as the bullpen who have agreed to cross market their business. Now some people might throw up their hands in horror at the thought of advertising a possible rivals product, but look at the advantages.

Let us assume that each person has 100 contacts that means that any advertising will possible be seen by not 100 people but by 100 * 112 = 11,200 people. Now when you tie this together with other social media connections where the average number of contacts is:-

  • Facebook 112 friends
  • Twitter 115 followers
  • LinkedIn 150 connections
You will see that you marketing efforts could be seen by some 42,000 people

The new V2 marketing you business feature will allow you when you post to your vereblog to send it to the facebook accounts of all the bullpen members without any further action required by yourself. This is just one of of the many feature of a truly intergrated marketing system which costs Gold subscribers only $54.95

Productive work is what will make you money for the long term. Busy work is a waste if time which has no guarantee. Of course in the long term, that so called "busy work" might pay off; yet, in the start of building a business from home it is crucial to use the phone and talk to real people and have actual conversations to build rapport and trust. This is the key to building a successful home based business.

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