Friday, May 04, 2012

Marketing Your Business

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Marketing Your Business
Video training

I have just reached a major milestone in my series of marketing your business videos, so far the videos have been concerned with showing you how to set up and configure your marketing system.

Todays video is entitled Daily Advertising Routine, and for the first time you are linking your system together. Notice I used the word "linking". This routine will be the start of building quality backlinks to the business you are building. the main readers of the information are search engines, that is why virtually all of my posts have no graphics, as search engines cannot read pictures but have to rely on the "alt" tag.

Yes some of the content may be read by humans as the same advert goes out in email format and the content is informative providing information about goods or services, if a reader is interested they have details of how to contact me and links to by business to serve themselves.

Now some people may have read that Google and other search engines do not like duplicate content, but we have not produced duplicates, it only takes as little as one word change in a page and it is unique, so by using different formats through our systems this content is unique.

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