Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Website Marketing

Website marketing, a quick search on Google reveals over 65 Million results, with an average search of around 12,000 times per month and at the moment the popularity has been showing a rise month on month to the current level of 18,000 searches a month.

Website marketing requires knowledge and tools in orders to get to the top of search engine results One needs to carry out research on the keywords being used to search on items you are selling, its is no use if you have a top position for a keyword no one is looking for.

Once you have researched you keyword, you then need to build a website with the keyword in the title and add relevant content content, it helps also if you keyword is part of your domain name. Many peoples website marketing efforts fail at this stage because they build complex sites including fancy gimmicks such as flash, when all that is needed is a clean fast loading site to supply the information people are looking for.

When your website is complete submit it to Google, submission is free and as Google is the main search engine of choice, there is no need to submit it elsewhere as other engines will pick up from Google.

The next stage is to use tools such as Blastomatic which can promoter your site to 12 Million sites at the push of a button. this is the first stage in website marketing.

Website marketing can take a number of months to bring in results and if you wish to retain a top position you must make consist ant effort on a regular basis using press releases and blogs to ensure new content is added to your website.

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