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Weight Loss Plans

Weight Loss - Choosing a weight loss plan : In the developed countries the weight loss industry is booming as obesity soars. As such there are many plans that are entering the market with the aim of providing us a weight loss solution.

Unfortunately there have been many diets and weight loss plans that have entered the market that promise fast weight loss, however are not offering long term solutions. The fact is the weight loss needs to be long term and based on fundamental principles.

The points below will help you choose a plan that best suits your weight loss goals. Firstly a weight loss plan should meet the following needs for you:

  • Match your lifestyle and food choices
  • Promote healthy living habits including exercise and a balanced diet
  • Meet your nutritional needs
  • Be a long term weight loss solution
Things to avoid when choosing a weight loss plan
  • Avoid fad diets
  • Avoid promises of excessive weight loss without exercise
  • Plans that cut of out major food groups entirely (i.e. no carb diets)
  • Promote fast weight loss with a wonder drug or pill
Set your weight loss goals
Before you can chose a weight loss plan that matches your goals and lifestyle you need to be clear about what you want to achieve. Do you want to lose 5-10kgs? What’s your weight loss goal? What time frame? Is that realistic.

Establish a support network The success of a weight loss plan is accelerated when you have support from family and friends who are encouraging you to reach your goals.

Keep a food diary Tracking what you eat is essential. Try this for a week and analyse your eating habits. There are some great online food journals and food calorie counters to help you with this.

Monitor your health This is especially the case when following a restrictive weight loss plan like no carb plans for instance. Its important to monitor lipid profiles (blood fats including cholesterol and triglycerides). Very high protein plans can also effect kidney performance. If you haven’t been following a very healthy diet I would be careful about shifting to a diet that suggested cutting all carbs and only eating lean protein foods. I would check in with a doctor before starting any weight loss plan.

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