Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marketing Your Business

Marketing Your Business
How not to market your business

I have not been posting recently as I have been engaged in conversations on a few forums, studying what works and what doesn't. No - forums are designed for discussion not as a place to build backlinks as some people try.

Forums such as The Warrior Forum and WAHM do not allow signatures to be added to posts until a certain criteria is met, in order to reduce fly bye posters. Usually there are also rules about links in posts or where you can promote you business, break any of the rules and you will be suspended or even banned. They are however great place to learn about marketing you business and at the same time get answers to questions or clarification on what works and what doesn't. But not everyone understand the advise been given out.

I having been looking at how people advertise their business in the WAHM forum and these are some of the headings.

This is the easiest way to make money online and you will guaranteed
7 posts with same content in last 3 days
Work from home free! Make extra money!
over 51 posts in two weeks

All the above posts contain exactly the same content, nothing new or informative a complete waste of time, unfortunately all they do is clog the system, I do not know why they continue.

Now compare that with my advertisement in the same part of the forum

How to Earn Money in Property
2 posts in three days in one thread so that the reader can learn a little more about my business each time. You need to engage the reader and earn their trust and respect, providing information which will assist them in making a decision, rather than try to wear them down with the same old tired message. It is not only forums that suffer from this mentality some people use email in a similar way.

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