Sunday, May 10, 2009

Send Out Real Cards

Mother Day is Over

You are too late to send out a real card for Mothers day, but when you think about there are many occasion cropping up on a regular basis such as birthdays marriages etc, along with  Fathers days,  4th July and many other national day depending on where you live, it will not be long before its time to write another card.

I learnt of someone recently who was competing for a contract with a bank and following a business presentation, she sent out a real thank you card to the director thanking him for sparing the time to listen to her presentation. This small act resulted in her being awarded the contract.

When you send out a real card it can have  have a great effect on peoples lives. In this busy world sending out a real card from you computer is quick and easy, no trips to the shops required and cards cost less than $1 which is cheaper than buying in the shops. You can write and send out a real card and it will be posted on your behalf with an option to have it written in your own handwriting.

I am sure you can think of someone who perhaps works for you or with you who may deserve a thank you or perhaps requires a little motivational card to help them realise you care about them.

David Ogden – Helping people help themselves.

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