Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marketing Your Business

SEO and Social Marketing
Marketing your Business

Traditional SEO is beginning to lose its influence as Google adjusts its algorithms and starts to pay more attention to social marketing via Twitter, Facebook and Google +, I think the future is clear, business needs to make better use of social marketing, however using applications such as Facebook is not easy for business, because there is a lot of social chat and I think it will fade away in the future like Myspace, to be replaced by something better.

Business hubs and networks are growing and developing online as a way to present and share business with a wider market and the Internet is also seeing increase use from bricks and mortar business for advertising as traditional adverting in newspapers and magazines is failing to deliver as people now use phones and tablet on a regular basis and create mobile Apps.

Good content will always be rewarded and one way to do this is to blog on a regular basis and build a following making good use of forums and social networks to share and comment on areas that you are involved with. Until the next time

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